Welcome Buffet, Pizza Party and much more for children and adults


Welcome Buffet

Let's start off well from the very beginning

One of the most beautiful things we look forward every year after working hard is our vacation time... you dream about it, you plan it well in advance and select what you want to do based upon your interests, your family's needs and expectations.

Often this also means long travel times, arriving at your destination pretty tired.

For precisely this reason, a few years ago we decided to start organizing every Saturday a welcome buffet to greet our guests upon arrival to Podere Casanova that offers you a taste to Tuscan specialties prepared by me and my family.

It is our way to welcome you to Podere Casanova.

The buffet starts around 7pm between April and October for at least 3 families arriving on Saturday at Podere Casanova.

Pizza Party

Let's continue in style every Wednesday evening

One of the greatest moments many of our guests (who I like to call friends) remember fondly is our PIZZA PARTY night.

Every Wednesday between April and October when we have at least 3 families taking part, we organize a “Pizza Party”, an evening spent together to let you discover the many tastes pizza can take in Italy!

It is a fun evening for all involved but particularly for the children who end up dressing up as chefs and who love to prepare pizzas, with us by their side, and present them to everyone involved as soon as they are baked.

Common areas

IIdeal for families with children

Podere Casanova offers both within the areas of each apartment and in the area in front of the pool spaces where you can relax and enjoy quiet moments for yourself and the people we love.

Ideal for families with children

There are lots of spaces for kids at Podere Casanova: a large playground area with swings, slide and other play constructions. In the outdoor area in front of the pool there is a large, well-maintained meadow that is private and the entire property is fenced in so you can rest assured they cannot wander off. For those that love animals, the farm has friendly goats that are always happy to be petted... especially if you offer dry bread pieces, they'll love eating them from your hand, a special and fun experience for your children.

Farmhouse — The apartments:

Video of our buffet


A note from Lisa

The family is at your disposal

As in any true vacation, there are always some unforeseen and unplanned events. On these occasions, rest assured that both myself and the rest of my family will do our best to help resolve any problem that creeps up. Are you a glass short in the kitchen, missing sugar or anything else? Ask me, Lisa and I will help. This is just one example.... but our greatest satisfaction is to see the smiles on your faces and receive a hug from you when things are sorted out.

It is a sign that we have done our job well and that we have gained a new friend.

With fondness, Lisa

Our Brochure

Download our brochure, you'll have all the information on this site at your disposal in a single pdf file.

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