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Comfortable holiday home in an 18th century farmhouse in the Chianti area

Free Wi-Fi

Free parking

Swimming pool with a view

Playground for children

Breakfast with local produce

Dinner with local produce


Wine tastings

Pizza classes for children & adults

Things to do for everyone

Things to do for children

BREAKFAST FROM 8.00 TO 10.00 a.m.

Our breakfasts....a daily pampering prepared with love by our staff (of wonderful women)

The breakfasts at Podere Casanova are all freshly prepared with produce from Babbo Biagio’s vegetable garden and raw materials from local producers: the thing that makes it really special is that everything is prepared with great care and love. You can choose to have your breakfast in the large garden of the reception area, or we will bring it to you in the apartment at the time you prefer.

FROM 4.00 TO 8.00 pm

Every Tuesday and Friday, on request, your dinner personally prepared by Lisa

Our guests can choose from these menus:

  • Pizza menu
  • Cold cuts and cheese platter
  • Large salad menu
  • Pizza menu with vegetarian option
  • Tuscan and vegetarian platters
  • Salad

All personally prepared by me, from the pizza dough to the selection of local products. You can choose to have your dinner in the large garden of the reception area, or we will bring it to you in the apartment at the time you prefer.
The service must be booked at least the day beforehand.


Our swimming pool is a magical place where you can relax and breathe in all the surrounding nature

Our swimming pool is a place where every guest can carve out their personal space of tranquillity with breath-taking views. Each apartment will be assigned a sun beach umbrella and deckchairs with the name of your apartment marked on them; you will be able to move the deckchairs wherever you want, taking advantage of our large and well-tended garden amidst the trees and olive groves.


Cleaning and sanitising are carried out with the utmost care

We personally clean the outside and inside of our apartments because we want to make sure that everything is perfect… whether it’s a 5-star resort, a hostel or a small family-run establishment, it is essential for cleanliness to be impeccable, and my staff and I will do everything we can not to let you down!


Have fun with your children at Podere Casanova

At Podere Casanova the little ones can enjoy a playground, trampoline, table football, table tennis and a large, fully enclosed garden where they can run around in complete freedom. They can also make friends with our lovable goats and chickens!


At Podere Casanova your four-legged friends are welcome!

At Podere Casanova we love animals and they have always been welcomed here. In fact, two out of the three ground floor apartments with private garden have been completely fenced off. The same goes for the apartments on the first floor, which have a private terrace. In addition, our facility is surrounded by a large forest and olive grove where your pets can run about free.


Extra virgin olive oil, red wine, Chianti wine, white wine and Vin Santo, all our own production

The olive oil we produce at Podere Casanova is only extra virgin, high quality, pressed every day after the harvest: it is our pride and joy! In addition to our olive oil, we also have a small production of wine and Vin Santo.

Magical experience like no other ❤️ it’s a magical place like no other! the nature ,the beauty of the landscape, the amazing breakfast and meals, the gorgeous infinite pool, the animals, the many distractions for kids but most importantly the good vibe and friendly / familiar atmosphere! there’s happiness in the air and you can see it in Lisa’s face everyday. This is a special place and you can feel it 🙂 there’s simply no price for this experience ❤️ thank you Lisa