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The two villages in our immediate vicinity

Podere Casanova is located right in between two charming small towns: Montespertoli, where I and my family live, and Montelupo. Both are just 7 km away. In these two towns you will find coffee shops (called bar in Italian), restaurants, supermarkets, panini shops that are open on Sundays and more.


A small town famous for its wonderful wine and olive oil.

Montespertoli is a small country town where the land and its products are still at the heart of the local economy and pride of those that work hard and with passion to make them the best: wine and olive oil.

If you come to Tuscany in September or October and hopefully stay with us at Podere Casanova, we suggest heading to Montespertoli. In September, the small town is overrun by tractors full of grapes heading from the fields to the wineries, and at the end of October, full of olives heading to the mill. In the vineyards and groves you'll see men and women of all ages working the land, and it is a sight I suggest you experience.


Small, friendly town famous for ceramics and terracotta.

You should absolutely visit Montelupo if you love ceramics and terracotta items.

The small historical center was recently renovated and here you can find many shops where you can both admire and purchase beautiful hand painted ceramics and terracotta that you won't find anywhere else.

The cost of these items isn't cheap since they require great time and attention since it is all done by hand.

To find better prices, you need to go directly to the factories where they'll sell direct and where you'll also be able to see the crafting process.

After guests requested it, Podere Casanova offers at zero cost the possibility to visit and discover the world of ceramics and terracotta by visiting a local ceramic company. If you're lucky, you might be able to take home a piece of pottery made by you or by your children!

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Eating well

Our apartments all offer their own kitchen area where you can comfortably prepare your meals. In addition, the area offers many coffee bars, restaurants and supermarkets so that you can purchase bread, fruit, milk, vegetables and more to prepare your own meals... or go out for lunch or dinner!

On Saturdays and Sundays, you'll also find pizza here, delicious and at very good prices. It is ideal for families with its wide outdoor area with slide, swings and ping pong table. Many generations have spent fun times here, including me and my sisters. For those that love soccer, the bar has a large screen TV that will invariably be set to Champions League matches as you enjoy dinner.

  • “DA SILVANO” is a bar/pizzeria/minimarket that is always open, including Saturdays and Sundays. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast here, as well as buy basic staples such as milk, fruit, pasta, charcoal for the barbecue grill, fresh bread every day and much more.
  • SUPERMARKET at MONTESPERTOLI and MONTELUPO: In these two towns near Podere Casanova (about 7km away), you will find both mini-markets and supermarkets where you can buy all of your groceries.

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